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Made a renovation? Best vacuum cleaners after it

Cleaning after repair has nothing to do with the usual cleaning. After the renovation there is still a huge amount of dust such as: alabaster, chalk, dry plaster, wallpaper paste, etc. All these substances are potentially dangerous. After cleaning it is important to release your house from their presence. Today, we’ll talk about best vacuum cleaners after the renovation.

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Can you cope with the construction dust yourself?

First of all it is necessary to stipulate that after the renovation there is totally different type of dust. The fundamental difference lies in the fact that after the repair a large number of both major factions and small particles of dust have chemical composition and are harmful and dangerous for people. So you have to get rid of the garbage in the apartment as quickly as possible. If large parts can be assembled and taken out of the house, some fine dust is stored on various parts of the furniture and poorly cleaned, even with a home vacuum cleaner.

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Using an industrial vacuum cleaner for cleaning after repairs easily solves the problem. Such machines can easily cope with all types of construction waste and effectively remove dust and debris in large volumes. Their use makes cleaning quick and easy, even on the most difficult fractions and types of materials. The market offers the buyer a fairly wide range of devices from a variety of manufacturers, so let’s find the best vacuum cleaner.

Vacuums Stihl SE 62E

This is the industrial vacuum cleaner adapted for wet and dry cleaning. Its power is 1400W. One of the best vacuum cleaners equipped with a set of brushes for different tasks. In the case where cleaning by suction function is inefficient, design provides the blowing function. Garbage container can hold up to 20 liters.

Vertex 1200 W VR-1600

The body is made of stainless steel. Its power equals to 1200W and suction power – 1700W. Garbage container is designed for a capacity of 25 liters. This vacuum cleaner has a separate compartment for the cord and is equipped with a blowing function. Moreover, it has a separate socket on the body to connect any power tool.

Metabo AS 20 L

Power consumption of this industrial vacuum cleaner is 1200W. Garbage tank capacity is 20 liters. It can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. It enables effective cleaning for dust of L class.

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Bosch GAS 20 L SFC

Bosch produces the best hand held vacuum cleaners after renovation on the market. It can be used for dry and wet cleaning of industrial premises. Consumption from the network power is 1200W. It equipped with a container with the volume of 15 liters. It has a semi-automatic filter cleaning system and automatic control system of dirt tank filling. This vacuum cleaner is approved for cleaning L class dust. Equipped with a socket for connecting power tools.

When choosing the best vacuum cleaner to get rid of repair dust, select a high-quality machine, which will most effectively clean any surface. The design of industrial vacuum cleaner eliminates maintenance during the operation and does not require the purchase of any supplies.